Fog installation to fully functioning Atftpd, iPxe system.

  • I have fullly functional Aftpd, iPxe on Ubuntu x64 system which works well including remote wim booting.
    Also there is already installed and set up as necessary Apahe2, Php, Mysql server/client configuration for other soft for example for Zabbix.
    Can you provide Fog installation instruction to install it in semi automated or manual mode at soecified system ?
    That is what and where is necessary to add/change/set up at - at Apache2 files, Php files, at MySql DB without destroying existing soft configuration.

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    @CpServiceSPb I would second Sebastian’s recommendation about setting up fog on a disposable VM. Look at the configurations as well as the install logs to see what packages are loaded during the fog installation.

    Fog creates its own apache configuration files so it should not step on anything existing. There are some url rewriting rules that you will need to work around.

    As for the tftp server, FOG only “requires” one running to server out the pxe boot files. It doesn’t care (in the end) what tftp server is running.

    Fog also uses phpfpm with its 1.5.x release to respond to php requests.

    I’m not sure of you end goal here, are you attempting to hack fog into doing something other than imaging (which is OK since its opensource)? Or are you trying to install FOG along side these other apps. If its along side, then you might want to consider using a docker container to isolate fog from the other systems. I don’t know about docker but there were some tutorial on this forum on how to setup fog in a docker container.

  • So, you can provide info about which changes are made and what files are to.
    For example:
    list of added lines
    ist of added linrs
    list of suggested to change / to delete lines.

    File … should be put to … folder.

    It can be dome by deep researching of install script but it will be necessary to look at nested functions located at other scripts that will take a long time.

    As I understant Fog uses iPxe as well.
    And it doesn’ t matter what tftp server i used hpa-tftp or atftpd.
    It is necessary to set up correctly Fog for using atftpd in my case.
    Am I right ?

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    @CpServiceSPb said:

    where is necessary to add/change/set up at - at Apache2 files, Php files, at MySql DB without destroying existing soft configuration.

    There is no way we can give you instrcutions on how to do that without knowing your setup down to the very detail. I am very sure if I’d give you some general instructions it could break other things and we can’t give you any guaranty!!

    The best way to start is by setting up FOG via the automatic installer on a different machine (fresh install without other things) to get to know FOG a little bit. From this one you can copy & paste the configs over to your other system till you get FOG working.

    I am sure we can give you a hand with things that you can’t make work on your own. Just take a picture of the error and post here.