Using FOG with iXsystems (FreeNAS), receiving 'Invalid Date' in 'Captured' field

  • I set up a FOG server a few years ago just to test it out as an imaging solution for the mid-sized business I work for. Then I purchased a pair of FreeNAS devices for onsite and offsite backup.

    I had been using the 4TB harddrive in my FOG server as my images storage node, but I decided I wanted to have more space and image more machines, so I followed the step by step walkthrough for configuring FreeNAS to be a storage node for FOG.

    The only issue I have observed is that when FOG creates an image on the FreeNAS the ‘Captured’ field displays ‘Invalid Date’.

    None of my images stored to the default storage node in the FOG server received this message. What could be wrong? What information should I share to help you help me?


  • @tandersb the date is a nice to have feature and is not indicative of an issue. In particular the master node has a service that updates the sizes. To get the date, the image is updated once the capture task is completed. This, however, does not mean there is (or isn’t I suppose too) a problem with the image. Are you having issues using it?

  • Captured.PNG

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    @tandersb Can you please post a picture of the error.