UNSOLVED Boot Error after Fog Restore

  • Hey Guys, One of my emploee’s came to me about this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

    *During the restore process Fog is loosing one or more boot sector files when it resizes the drive. After the image restore task is complete and I take the terminal off the fog network and it will not boot into windows because of the missing boot files.

    *I have an image set to “Single Disk - Resizable” and it successfully restores to an identical size 60 gigabyte drive. After restoring to any other size drive (larger or smaller), Windows 10 fails to boot. See attached error. I tried flipping the image to “Not Resizable” and successfully restored the image with a different size drive and booted into Windows; however, the drive was shrunk down to just the used space. I have also included the partition table as displayed in Windows for the 60 gigabyte drive.

    Attached: Partition1.jpg Error1.jpg

  • Ok. I’ll pass that along. Thanks

  • Edit the images d1.fixed_size_partitions file and add :1 if it’s not present already. It should be but it sounds like it’s not.