Image capture schedule every day at 8pm

  • I wonder whether it is possible or not i wan’t to capture image every day at 8pm automatically without human interaction, if that possible how can i accomplish this ? please help me in this regard step by step thanks.

  • Senior Developer

    @tejen While @ckasdf is totally right about saying that it sounds like you might be using FOG as a backup tool and it’s not a great idea, I can still tell you that you can create scheduled jobs. Just do as if you’d manually create a capture task but on the last step instead of do an “instant task” click schedule as cron task.

  • I’m curious, what benefit are you hoping to achieve with this? I wouldn’t think that much would change in the way of software applications day to day, and this really isn’t the best method to use for data backup.

    If intended for data backup, you would end up having a massive amount of duplicated data. There are specific backup tools that can be used to copy only files that have changed since the last backup, for instance, which would be much easier on bandwidth and storage space.