SOLVED FOG Server connected to 2 networks (build/production)?

  • Where I work, we have two network segments (build and production). Both have connection to the Internet, as well as basic communication between them (employees on the production network can connect remotely to a computer on the build network to QA the finished build, and computers on the build network have access to network shares on the production network).

    However, I think when those built computers move to the production network, they lose touch with FOG. I really like the idea of using FOG’s inventory, snapin, and printer services, but those would be pretty limited if FOG can’t reach across. Is it possible to set something up so that I can push snapins, review login history, etc when the computers are on the prod network?

    Then again, as I think about this post further, is that already possible / active? I haven’t specifically tested it, but on prod, the computers can ping the FOG server, so maybe the FOG client can still check in? I think PXE probably doesn’t work because of the different network segmentation, but that part may not matter as much. I’d like your thoughts on this. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the suggestions, George, that sounds reasonable. I’ll do some testing on that when I get a moment! 🙂

  • Moderator

    When you install the FOG Client on the target computers you define the IP address of the FOG server. The fog client will always communicate to the fog server over the defined ip address. When the client moves to another subnet and that subnet doesn’t have full connectivity back to the fog server that is where things fall down.

    So what can you do?

    1. Change the IP address saved in the fog client configuration file to point to the production network interface on the fog server. You could do this via a fog snapin too.
    2. Run a split horizon DNS where you might register on the build network to point to the fog server interface on the build network and then on the production network register to point to the business network interface on the fog server. To do this, when you install the fog client you will define instead of the IP address of the fog server.

    The fog client speaks to the FOG server over the http protocol. The http web server does bind to both network interfaces so it will work as long as you can tell the fog client how to get there.