Full Host Registration - Group Associating - AD GroupEntries deleted after add host membership!

  • Fog 1.5.5
    bzImage Version: 4.19.1
    bzImage32 Version: 4.19.1

    If I perform a full host registration in the fog menu in pxe and associate a host to a group, the ad-entries of the group will overwrite if I answer the question “Join to AD” with N!

    Please let me know, If there is a bugfix available.

    Best regards

  • Senior Developer

    @klaus-jauk In FOG groups are not like you might be used from other software. It’s more like a tool to push out settings to a group of hosts but it’s mostly not a persistent settings thing where you store information for the whole group. For AD settings, if you set those through the group you’ll see that the values will be shown in the group AD settings as long as you don’t change a value for any of the single hosts. When you do this the value from the group AD settings will disappear.

    This is the concept of FOG groups. Search the forums for “persistent group” and you’ll find a lot of information on this.

    I see that it’s a bit unfortunate in the case you describe where you register a new host and join that to the group. But on the other hand you’ll still have all the values set for all the other group members. You just don’t see it in the group AD settings view anymore.