Enabling DHCP service after FOG installation

  • Is there any way to install/enable the DHCP service after doing an installation? I previously had it set up on an isolated network with a small Linksys WRT54G but now need to move it to a switch so I can do larger volumes. I don’t think 4 ports at a time is going to cut it 😕

    Has anyone had to do this? I’m a linux noob so please be patient. I’ve done some searching on the forums but couldn’t come up with anything besides this:

    Not sure if it’s what I want though.


  • Thanks guys, I’ll give this a shot now.

    OK, It’s installed, but for some reason I can’t get it to issue the IP addresses. Is there anything I should be checking for besides the .conf files?

  • For Debian-based systems (eg. Ubuntu): [CODE]sudo apt-get install isc-dhcp-server[/CODE]
    For RedHat-based systems (eg. CentOS): [CODE]sudo yum install dhcp[/CODE]
    And then configure PXE with the DHCP.conf file. You can always google for something like “<distribution> <version> dhcp server pxe” or similar.

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    you need to get the dhcpd installed. depending on your OS version. Once you get it installed, you just configure it via the dhcpd.conf file.