[solved]Set Multicast group task with a given name or even the group name

  • Hi,

    I’m working for an educational center. I recently discovered FOG which is a great alternative to Ghost.
    I would like to know if there is a way to put a name (or to know it if it exists) for the multicast session created from the group section.

    In our center we have several classrooms, all in their own vlan. Each class is affected to a group. When we install the classroom we use the group multicast, but if a mistake is done it’s really to cancel the good task and re-schedule it because this is what we see :

    So except with the number of host it’s barely impossible to know which task we have to cancel.

    So would it be possible to add default name with group name for instance for group multicast session?


  • @Sebastian-Roth, @Tom-Elliott
    Many thanks!

    Works exactly like I needed !

    I’ll take a look at the 1.6 asap

  • @processor And for what 1.5.X (Dev-branch) has vs 1.6:


    Eitherway, @Sebastian-Roth is correct.

    While I hope 1.6 is nearly ready for “prime time” there’s a few things I need to work out before it will be ready. That and some time. I’ve been taking it relatively easy as to what I do these days for coding.

  • Senior Developer

    @processor Not sure if that is of much help to you but on github you can compare 1.5.5 (master branch) and the current stage of 1.6 (working-1.6 branch): https://github.com/FOGProject/fogproject/compare/working-1.6

    The changeset is huge and you probably can’t see that as a changelog. @Tom-Elliott is probably the best to ask what changes are in 1.6…

    But the next release 1.5.6 will be coming out before 1.6 is ready anyway.

  • Wow many thanks. for all these answers. I’ll give a try To Sebastian suggest.
    Is there somewhere to see the changelog between 1.5.5 and 1.6?

  • Senior Developer

    Added in dev-branch as well.

  • I’ve added something similar to 1.6 now too.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  • I think this is perfectly sufficient and much more descriptive, however, I might suggest adding the date/time as well?

    Something like:

    ->set('name', $taskName . ' - ' . $this->get('name') . ' ' . self::niceDate()->format('Y-m-d H:i:s'))

    This way you have more direct knowledge of the tasks and timing of said tasks.

  • Senior Developer

    @processor It’s a very simple code change that you might just want to manually add:

    diff --git a/packages/web/lib/fog/group.class.php b/packages/web/lib/fog/group.class.php
    index fa1d763..24b844f 100644
    --- a/packages/web/lib/fog/group.class.php
    +++ b/packages/web/lib/fog/group.class.php
    @@ -525,7 +525,7 @@ class Group extends FOGController
                         $port = $defaultPort;
                     $MulticastSession = self::getClass('MulticastSession')
    -                    ->set('name', $taskName)
    +                    ->set('name', $taskName . ' - ' . $this->get('name'))
                         ->set('port', $port)
                         ->set('logpath', $Image->get('path'))
                         ->set('image', $Image->get('id'))

    @Tom-Elliott Do you see any reason for not adding this? I am not exactly sure if the task name is being used anywhere else and changing it might cause an issue?!?