• Hello everyone, I want to build scripts that will be able to do simple stuff like reboot client computer, I have bash background and I did write scripts with bash, but I don’t know where to start with fog. I need help and little explanation of what happens and how to execute the script itself. I really wanna do this and I have end goal that I want to reach

  • @Sebastian-Roth Hello, yes I have setup 3 servers with fog running and I was successful in capturing the image and deploying it to 18 computers at the same time. I did look at FOG API, but I had questions about it like does is it run on bash or other script but later figure that it runs on bash.

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    @Mark-krikunov I am not exactly sure what you are asking. Have you installed FOG on a server in your network yet? Do you want to use it for image deployment at all or is it only used for running scripts on the clients? Reading your other post it sounds like you want to do imaging as well and want to automate the whole process. That’s fine, have you looked into the FOG API yet?

    The other thing you can start with is the fog-client software that is usually used on the clients to execute scripts. There is a currently pending issue with the client on Linux but we have a rough fix for that: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/13000/fog-client-on-centos-can-t-authenticate-not-working

    I’d say, start playing with FOG, install a server and do some imaging to get to know the whole system. As well play with the fog-client.