Alternate TFTP IP on failure (multiple IP FOG setup?)

  • I’m having an issue and need some help.

    I have a FOG server with 3 NICs and all are on different subnets. Using dnsmasq I am able to have the client machine pull the unidonly.kpxe file from the correct IP depending on what subnet the client is on (, proxy, . After adding some lines to /tftpboot/default.ipxe I am able to use “||” to have the client attempt to chainload from one of the 3 IP depending on its subnet. If one fails it moves to the next until one boots or total failure. The issue arises when the tftp request is being made from outside the same subnet as the client, it times out and I don’t know if there is a file I can edit to make the client skip and attempt to request from the other 2 IPs assigned to the Fog server.

    Essentially my question is do I need three independent Fog servers for each subnet since FOG doesn’t seem to have the ability to use more than one IP at a time.

    sorry about the scattered nature of this question, at at my wits end and reaching out to anyone that can help.

  • Senior Developer

    @FeatherlessBiped This has been an ongoing topic. See my post here:

    FOG was initially build to be bound to one interface and this is still the case in various places in the code and logic (PXE boot, multicast, unicast, capture). So it’s a heavy task to do all the changes and the FOG dev team currently does not seem to have the resources to do so. Don’t get me wrong. This can definitely be done and we will surely encourage and help people who want to implement multi-homing for FOG!