Write scripts to do fog work

  • I want to write a bash script for Ubuntu 18.4 server, the job of bash script is to deploy the image to chosen computer and then send couple more scripts to the computer and run them. Those scripts will run update check for image and when done will run capture work on the same computer, delete themselves and restart the computer, after the computer is done capturing it will be shut down.
    In other words, I am trying to do updates automatically without me doing it, but the question I have is, can I write a script to this kind of work.

  • @Sebastian-Roth Okay, I will give it a try. Thanks for the response.

  • Senior Developer

    @Mark-krikunov Surely you can script / automate things here and there. The FOG API will be of help to you. But I reckon automating the whole process as outlined is not as easy but surely possible. Give it a try and let us know when you hit the wall and need help with specific things.