UNSOLVED Add hosts to group via different inventory attributes

  • Hello,

    is there a possibility to add hosts to a group using e.g. a part of the System Product model number from the inventory fields?

    Let’s say for example that I have Debian 9 installed and a bug with USB-3 and the 4.9 Linux kernel has been discovered and now I have to upgrade only specific PCs/ or notebook models with USB-3 to the 4.19 Linux backports kernel.

    I would:

    • capture a new image
    • create a new group for the PCs/notebooks that need the USB-3 update
    • add PCs/notebooks based on their model to the group
    • set a task to deploy the new image to this group

    How and where could I do this in FOG?


  • Developer

    You can do it XD
    First you must to know the name of the System product want to deploy.

    1. Go to reports -> Inventory Reports
    2. If you have the lastest dev-branch version, you can filter by System Product. If you don’t have this last version, in the report will appears all the hosts
    3. Copy the System Product string that you want to deploy
    4. Go to Host menu
    5. And paste the string in the search box
    6. Create a new group with the results