• Hello Forum world

    I would like to find out if its is possible to do Single Partition Imaging.


    We have a 2Tb HDD partitioned 50/50 I.E C:\ and D:\

    We only need to image C:\ without loosing data on D:\

    Would time image have to be closed (syspreped) differently?

    How would i go about imaging only C:\ partition?

  • Thanks All!..

    Solution has worked perfectly!

  • Senior Developer

    @sonic136 You can use any of the Image Types you want. What I was refering to is the option Partition just below the Image Type. As @Quazz said, you should be fine using “Single Disk - Resizable”.

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    @sonic136 I’m assuming what you want is to image the windows partition (plus partitions needed to boot the system) without the ‘data’ partition.

    For Image Type just select Single Disk - Resizable.

    For Partition you’ll have to select the partitions you want (check disk management). While it is certainly possible to capture a single partition (such as C:), keep in mind that this won’t create a bootable image.

  • @Sebastian-Roth Thank you

    What option would i select here then when creating a capture image?Partition.PNG

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    @sonic136 Yes you can. Take a look at the image definition in the FOG web UI. By default option Partition is set to Everything and you can set it to one partition only.

    Be aware of two things:

    1. Then you change the definition after the image has been captured it will still have the whole image on your server but only deploy the single selected partition. You can switch back to Everything or to another partition if you like. But as soon you capture the image again with single partition selected it will only capture that single partition.
    2. The partition layout on the destination computer will need to exist and be identical to what it needs to be as FOG won’t touch the partition layout on single partition deploys. So in practical terms what that means is, you need to deploy the full image to each and every computer at least once before you are able to deploy single partition only to it.