• I am new to FOG and Ubuntu but figured i would give it a shot because of all the amazing reviews I have read regarding this software.

    I have a new install of Ubuntu 12.04 running FOG 0.32 the install went through like a breeze. I set the server up without DNS or DHCP due to the office network has a windows 2008 domain controller that takes care of the DHCP. I then installed the DHCP proxy mod using the following link [url]http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Setting_up_ProxyDHCP#Setup_and_Configuration[/url]

    After following the steps listed there I ran the command [COLOR=#000000]sudo dnsmasq restart and get the following error [/COLOR][COLOR=#000000]dnsmasq: junk found in command line. I am unsure as to what would be causing this error but for giggles i tried to boot using PXE and of course no joy. Any help would be great as i really would like to try the software out.[/COLOR]

  • I know this worked for me:


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    Figgy_steve, please start a new thread with your issue. It might be related to this thread, so feel free to link back to it, but it’s not in support of or in addition to this thread, so you need your own.

  • Hi, I have a fog server set up in work, every now and then our useless internet fails and I have to rest the dnsmasq to get it working again, whenever I try sudo dnsmasq restart, I get the message - junk found in command line, first of all can some please explain to me in simple terms what this actually means as I am no Linux expert and nobody seems to have a simple explanation as to what this is,

    secondly I have always used the command posted above to correct this error

    sudo /etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart

    this always worked perfectly however now when I try to run this command I get the message ‘command not found’

    any help with this would be greatly appreciated 😄

  • Try running this instead to restart dnsmasq.
    [CODE]sudo /etc/init.d/dnsmasq restart[/CODE]

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    Do you really need ProxyDHCP or can you just add the options to the Windows 2008 DHCP server? ProxyDHCP is only there if you can’t modify the existing DHCP server, or you need to fix weird problems with some devices.