• I can’t seem do download the fog client application an Ubuntu machine I’m trying to image. When I click the link for the smart installer it downloads a .exe

    I haven’t been able to find any similar issues or relevant posts in my searches through the forum or on google.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • @Sebastian-Roth Well it looks like I need to pay better attention to the wiki articles. I reinstalled mono, complete this time, and I was able to push a task to the host. The Host still doesn’t show up as online within the host list on fog, but I can live with that.

    Thanks again! Now I can replace a fleet of windows signage machines!

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    @Aysientor Searching the Ubuntu package database it seems to me that you need to install a package called mono-4.0-service (see here).

    Edit: That should actually be installed as a dependency when installing mono-complete as suggested in the wiki article.

  • @Sebastian-Roth I replaced the .dll and restarted the service, then the machine, but still can’t see it.

    There doesn’t appear to be anything saved in /opt/fogservice/fog.log and manually starting the fog service show me this:

    Apr 15 13:52:39 UbuntuMaster systemd[1]: Starting FOGService...
    Apr 15 13:52:39 UbuntuMaster control.sh[2450]: cat: /opt/fog-service/service.lock: No such file or directory
    Apr 15 13:52:39 UbuntuMaster control.sh[2450]: starting fog-service
    Apr 15 13:52:39 UbuntuMaster control.sh[2450]: /opt/fog-service/control.sh: line 24: mono-service: command not found
    Apr 15 13:52:39 UbuntuMaster control.sh[2450]: fog-service started
    Apr 15 13:52:39 UbuntuMaster systemd[1]: Started FOGService.

    Is this telling me it can’t find mono? “which mono” tells me its installed in usr/bin/mono

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    @Aysientor Depending on the mono version that is installed with Ubuntu there still is a bug that I am working on fixing in the fog-client. Well actually I think this might be more a bug/change in the mono packages rather than a bug in our client. Anyhow we have a workaround for this. Find information on this here: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/13070/client-not-authenticating

    I’ll probably get to properly fix this and release a new fog-client version in the next days.

  • I got a chance to work on this a little more. I cant see the machine in my list of hosts on the fog server, and it doesn’t look like I can push snapins or start tasks through via the fog client.

    I made sure I can communicate with the server, reinstalled the client, manually started the fog service, and I didnt see any errors on the install log:

     4/12/2019 1:10 PM Middleware::Communication Download: http://fogserver/fog/management/other/ca.cert.der
     4/12/2019 1:10 PM Data::RSA Injecting root CA: 

    Is there something i’m missing?

    Thanks again!

  • Oh, I don’t know how I missed that wiki page. I got mono and the client installed. Thank you!

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    @Aysientor The SmartInstaller is indeed an EXE file. You need to install so called “mono” to be able to install and run the client. Find instructions here: https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/FOG_Client#Debian_8.2B.2C_Ubuntu_13.10.2B.2C_and_derivatives

    Not sure if those are still perfectly up to date with current Ubuntu versions, please let us know if you run into an issue with this.