• Hello Fog team,

    is it possible to put image on USB stick and use it for deployment ? we need some ideas on how to re-image computers at remote offices. we thought of doing it thru WAN but that will impact our network. please help.

  • Good evening, I’m configuring the FOG Project on several remote networks and so far it’s been a success.
    I did the FOG Master in a DMZ network and in the other distinct networks I did the FOG Storage doing the replication of all the images of machines inside the FOG Storage.
    The boot checks the FOG Master the PXE and after that it does the entire cloning process inside the network itself, thus avoiding bandwidth consumption and competition with other services.

  • what do you suggest i should do ? we have large numbers of computers to be re-image with win10. we have 20 plus small offices across U.S. how can i go about doing this ?

  • Senior Developer

    @mpatel It’s definitely possible to do but would need some major work in the scripts we use to deploy the image. It’s not a feature we have on our list to add any time soon. Not because it’s a bad idea but because we don’t find the time for such a major rewrite of the deploy scripts right now.

    As I said, it’s definitely possible to do and if you are keen to work on this, then feel free to ask where to start and we’ll guide you the way and help you out for sure.