UNSOLVED Can FOG restore only recovery, efi & C Partition ?

  • Hello everyone,

    I want to deploy Windows 10 on 15 computers and all of them have data in their D & E partitions. Can FOG take image of only the Recovery partition(450MB), EFI Partition (100MB) & C Drive and deploy that image to all those 15 computers without harming data in their D & E partitions ?


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    @exus69 While George is pretty much right with what he said I might add that you could create individual image definitions for those partitions you want to deploy and push those out in three deploy tasks.

    I know this doesn’t sound nice but I’d say it’s one route to go. Beside that we don’t have a plan to add this feature as of now. While I think we had one or the other request about this it doesn’t seem to be used by very many people and as the dev team is very short at the moment I can’t see us adding this any time soon. But that doesn’t mean if won’t happen. If you are keen and willing to join in we might consider pushing this forward.

    FOG is open source and it needs people to work on it. We are more than happy to help and guide people. So it’s not, here is the code, do it all on your own.

  • So should I take this as no since all the partitions are on one single disk only ?
    And if no, do you have any plans of adding this feature in future?

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    Yes and no, but probably no.

    FOG has the options of single disk resizable, single disk non-resizable, multiple disks. Within those options you can select all partitions, boot blocks or specific partitions. There isn’t an option to pick individual partitions. In your case you would want the boot blocks and partition 1 and 2 but skip 3 to (n).

    Now with that said, if D & E are on a different hard drive then yes its possible.