• Buenos días, tengo el nas synology configurado como máster capturo bien la imágenes pero no me replica con los otros storage que tengo, pero si solo trabajo con mis storage entre si sin el synology si me replica entre todos alguien me puede ayudar, asi tengo mi configuración.

    Good morning, I have the nas synology configured as a master I capture the images well but it does not replicate me with the other storage I have, but if I only work with my storage among them without the synology if I reply between everyone, someone can help me, so I have my configuration



  • @george1421 Thank you very much for the help, and surprised by the quick response that great work do you congratulations.

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    FOG replication can only happen when the master node is a “real” FOG server and not synology NAS devices. It has always been this way.

    With that said, you can use rsync to provide the same results between synology nas as well as linux FOG servers. For the linux fog servers you will need to install rsync and set up the replication from your master Synology nas. Understand this is an unsupported FOG configuration so you will not get much help from the developers. I can say rsync will work without issue once its setup.