• Hi. I am currently running fog 1.5 and am experiencing something odd. When I create an image and then try to deploy that image onto another computer I get an error and it wants to reboot just right before it is ready to deploy it. Then I go back to the image on the fog server and it now has a size of 0.00 gig and I am unable to use the image. Everytime I do this it bricks the image I want to use and says that the image size is 0.00 gig. What could be causing this. Thanks in advance James

  • Moderator

    Your post is a bit unclear. Are you having an issue capturing the image or deploying the image?

    When you say it reboots before its ready to deploy, is there an error message? Is this reboot happening in FOS image push or in/during WinSetup/OOBE? if the error is in FOS then capture a clear screen shot of the entire screen with a mobile phone and past the results here. The context of the error is almost as important as the error message itself.

  • The size does not mean the image is bricked as this get’s updated during deploy/capture (though there’s also a service running to try to keep the data updated as well.)

    This is a Nice to have display, but is not an indication as to the status of your image.

    Can you provide us with the error you’re seeing when it fails to deploy? That will give us a lot more information to work with. Also what’s the exact FOG Version you’re running? 1.5 does not tell us anything as we’re currently at 1.5.5 and dev branch is at I believe. 1.5 just tells us you’re sort of updated, but we don’t know where too.