SOLVED FOG 1.5.5 clients getting imaged from storage node

  • I’ve setup a normal server using FOG 1.5.5 at our main office and storage nodes running FOG 1.5.5 at each of the remote sites that are few miles apart and I have an image replicating to the storage nodes. I’ve noticed that when imaging at the main office for example, it seems like the image may have been coming from one of the storage nodes instead of from the normal server that is located at the main office. I believe i saw this in tasks management under the working with node column, is there anything that can be done to make it so that client machines only image from the local server at the physical location?

  • It’s called the location plugin. It’s been there since 1.0.0

  • Sorry if me message there sounded short, that was not my intention. I simply wanted to inform you of the plugin that would do exactly what you were asking.

    There is some documentation on how to use the location plugin too, for the future.

    Mind you, you can do this is “Central GUI Server->Storage Nodes about” layout, or really however you feel appropriate for your environment.

    Location plugin will likely get an overhaul in the next few years (yes years) with more automating of how to select which storage node’s based on subnets/ip ranges, but for now it’s completely manual (and thus extremely granular too).

  • I hadn’t tried to do this sort of architecture before, I took the easy road and built a normal server at each site and manually replicated the image. Anyway I found the setting, thanks Tom.

  • It’s called the location plugin. It’s been there since 1.0.0