FOG Handling DHCP Services

  • I have been asked to set up a FOG server with this setup:
    Dell PowerEdge R710
    Ubuntu 16.04 server

    I need the FOG server and DHCP server in the same machine.
    I would like FOG to handle the DHCP if possible. I have FOG installed and I selected the option to allow FOG to handle DHCP services.
    My first question is, what exactly happens when I allow the server to handle DHCP on its own? What does it do differently if I were to select no?

    With that being said, I was wondering if I will need to use another service for DHCP on the same machine?

  • Developer

    @cary1102 Please post the output of the command ip a s as well.

  • So I am not able to start my DHCP services for some reason now that I have everything configured.

    I have configured the network interfaces like this:

    My dhcpconf file is is configured like this:

    And lastly, if I start DHCP services and then look at the status of it I get this message:dhcp failed.PNG

    Any advice is much appreciated!

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    @cary1102 Depends on the subnet mask as well. But I guess you are using class C netmask ( and that would mean 10.10.222.x is in a different subnet. Then you need to add another scope to the dhcpd.conf file:

    subnet netmask {
        option subnet-mask;

    But be aware that hosts in different subnets is an advances setup that might need other things like dhcpelay and gateway…

  • Awesome. Exactly the reply I needed.

    Another thing I have had trouble with is in the past I tried editing that dhcp file but then after I did so, I did not get the FOG PXE boot anymore.
    By default my FOG server is giving clients addresses on the same network as the FOG server and I need to change this without breaking it.
    For example: A client will receive the address
    I need the DHCP to hand out addresses on my network.

    I will keep trying and report any issues I come across.

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    @cary1102 said in FOG Handling DHCP Services:

    My first question is, what exactly happens when I allow the server to handle DHCP on its own?

    Well, it does exactly what it says. The FOG installer generates a dhcpd.conf file, installs the DHCP server package and Starts it up using that config.

    If you tell the installer to skip DHCP, it won’t do those things and you need to take care yourself. Either set it up on your server manually or use an external DHCP.

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