Strange size error during restore task

  • I created an image with the following specs:

    Captured, all good. I started a test restore and I get this:

    104 is not smaller than 104 :D

  • Done testing and I can confirm that AOMEI Backupper causes the problem.

    I re-captured the image using dism, injected the install.wim into the install media, installed from it (essentially allowing Windows installer to re-create the EFI and MS reserved partitions) and now the restore works perfectly.

    This error still appears:

    But it has no negative impact on capture or restore.

    So, the bottom line is that, from now on, I won’t capture any drives that were restored with AOMEI.

    AOMEI is a very good free tool, I’ll still use it but only for images that go to the final user, not images that are captured for deployment.

  • @Sebastian-Roth
    Unfortunately I saw you message too late. I re-imaged my FOG server so I cannot copy the files (I have a dual boot laptop as deployment machine and had some issues with Windows, so I had to re-image).
    But I’ll test again and send you the files.

    The OS is Windows but I am going to set up a dual boot in the next few days, that is why I chose Linux in the image settings (I wanted to use the same image).

    But I think I know who is to blame for the problem: AOMEI Backupper. I had a backup made with it and restored it, checking the feature that aligns the partitions on SSDs. And I believe that messed up the size of the partition.

    I’m going to work on this issue on Monday and let you know how it goes.

  • Developer

    @andreiv What OS do you have installed on that machine you capture from? In the image OS is set to Linux but in the other outputs I see two NTFS filesystems and non EXTFS. If this is a dual boot installation with Linux filesystem other than EXT2/3/4 then this might be fine. Just trying to not overlook anything obvious here.

    Can you please post the contents of the (text) files /images/DefLabImg/d1.partitions, /images/DefLabImg/d1.minimum.partitions and /images/DefLabImg/d1.fixed_size_partitions?

  • I did capture the same drive with AOMEI Backupper and restored it without any problems.

  • Captured and tried to restore again. Same error.
    But I noticed an error during capture:

  • No, I didn’t change the image settings at all. Just captured and restored.

  • Developer

    @andreiv Did you change the image type from non-resizable to resizable in between?

    The error message is misleading. Partclone checks the partition sizes exactly (to the sector) and fails if they don’t match exactly.

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