• In the “Basic Tasks” section for groups and hosts there are the options for ‘All Snapins’ or ‘One Snapin’ to push out to the group or hosts. Why isn’t there an option to select specific snapins?
    Or would the only option is to create a new group that only has those snapins assigned to that group.
    Right now my groups are created ‘logically’ by room number/location. Should I be creating my groups ‘dynamically’ by what snapins needs to be done?

  • Yes, what you say helps. I am new to fog and coming from using other device management programs so I am learning how fog works. It’s just a little new way of thinking for me right now. Not that this is a bad thing, I’m truly liking how fog works.
    Thank you

  • You can create different groups to segment out your snapins if that’s what you need.

    Please remember that groups are not a catchall/assignall type of thing (unless you’re trying to use the persistentgroup plugin.)

    Hosts can belong to multiple groups. However, just because a host is in a group does not automatically assign items set in that group to a freshly added host.

    Essentially, groups are just a way to assign multiple hosts the same items all at once.

    So you don’t need to have groups in a particular format, except for what makes the most sense to YOU.

    In the case of tasks, All Snapins = all snapins assigned to a particular host. Single Snapin = a single snapin to task.

    Group tasks essentially just create a task for each individual host within the group.

    Hopefully this helps a little bit.