upgrading ubuntu from 14.04.6 LTS to 16.04.6 LTS and on?

  • my fog server ( runs in a hyper-v VM and the /images are mounted on a separate disk to the VHDX that contains the ubuntu OS so i will easily be able to back it up before i try doing the release update… but I’m just looking for any pointers or anything i may need to do once i got the Ubuntu up to the next LTS. I’m just conscious 14 is only in support till this April. Also should i go on and and go up to the 18 LTS?

  • Moderator

    My recommendation is as always when jumping OS versions like this. Spin up a new FOG server and then migrate your database and raw files. This does two things. First it gives you a clean OS and a clean install of FOG to build from. Second, if something happens with your upgrade your fog imaging is down. Yes I know you can always restore from a snapshot, but that still doesn’t address the first issue of having a clean OS (not upgraded).

    Here is the process to migrate your fog install to a new server. https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Migrate_FOG The only gotcha is don’t change the IP address of your new FOG server after FOG is installed (you can but its a bit of a pain to do so). With your new FOG server at a new IP address you will also need to update dhcp to point to your new fog server. On a plus note you can always fail back to your old fog server by just resetting dhcp back to your old fog server’s IP address.