New to FOG, it took over VMware?

  • I’m taking over IT for a small company where the previous admin is no longer here. I’m left to pick through what he set up and get things back running.

    We have a server with VMware 6.0 that was supposedly hosting the FOG server. Actually, the VM with FOG doesn’t work, I can’t log into the FOG web UI, and whenever I try to create a new VM, regardless of the image I select, it always boots into FOG.

    How is this supposed to work? How has it taken over all of the VM images? How do I get back to creating regular VMs?

  • @Tom-Elliott Ouch. I feel silly now. That was totally the issue. Thanks!

  • @bmullen Virtual Machines will typically attempt to boot over CD, HDD, then LAN.

    Because your VM has no Operating system on it, it’s following the correct path, in which case your FOG Server is doing its job by handing out the PXE information.

    I’d recommend mounting a bootable CD/ISO and see if it would boot that way.

  • Thanks for the quick response!

    When I create a new VM, I go through the basic process of choosing the Guest OS family and version. Regardless of what I choose, when the VM starts, it boots into a FOG UI saying “Host is NOT registered!” and options such as “Boot from hard disk” and “Deploy Image”.

    Boot from hard disk does nothing (except show a small counter that goes from 3->1 and restarts).

    Deploy Image shows a couple of images that apparently the company used years ago but nothing helpful.

    There doesn’t appear to be any way to get to an actual server instance.

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    @bmullen said in New to FOG, it took over VMware?:

    whenever I try to create a new VM, regardless of the image I select, it always boots into FOG.

    Can you explain this bit a little more? What do you specifically mean “regardless of the image I select”?

    The “it always boots into FOG” part I might understand if you have pxe boot setup, which you might with FOG. I mange a moderate size VMWare install and I don’t have any issues with FOG and new VMs not doing what I expect. We just need to understand how you have things setup.

    Resetting the fog default admin account we can also help with. Lets pick one problem and focus on that first.