• After I finally got it fully functional I restarted Ubuntu machine and since then I am unable to get pxe tftp boot.
    I can still manage the web gui and ping the system. I am back to square 1 “PXE-E32”.
    Unable to tftp get pxelinux.0 from client systems.
    I’ve reinstalled FOG with same settings as first successful settings…no luck.
    I’ve verified TFTP_FTP_Password, STORAGENODE_MYSQLPASS.
    I am not using FOG for DHCP service.
    What else might I be missing?

  • [quote=“BryceZ, post: 9242, member: 2”]Have you tried:
    [CODE]sudo stop tftpd-hpa
    sudo start tftpd-hpa[/CODE][/quote]

    Yes, no luck

  • Have you tried:
    [CODE]sudo stop tftpd-hpa
    sudo start tftpd-hpa[/CODE]

  • Thanks for the suggestion, without going through the steps yet…I’m just wondering why I can no longer “tftp x.x.x.x get pxelinux.0” from a client system.
    But still can “tftp -vx.x.x.x -c get pxelinux.0” from server end?
    I’ve disabled ufw -“sudo ufw disable”
    Is there something else?

  • I had a very similar problem, and to troubleshoot I setup my FOG server by itself. What I mean I set it up as a DHCP server connected to a small switch. No problems at that point. If you are just starting I recommend you start here first.