Issues with copying software configs?

  • Is there a known issue with fog not coping all the configs for certain software?
    I just created an image of our dispatchers PCs and when i went to deploy, a software they use required me to fill out all the info again. The info being, where to point to for the profiles.

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    @agray said in Issues with copying software configs?:

    here are 13 people that will be using that PC. All accounts where set up, including IBM Notes, on the PC before Cloning.

    Was this system sysprep’d? I know Lotus Notes (been a Domino admin on and off for almost 10 years). LN creates is config file in the user’s home %appdata% directory. Its possible that sysprep is cleaning out these directories where LN lives. I know post install you can just copy the notes data directory over from one computer to the next without any problems or needing to reactivate the account. With Notes 7, we were running the notes data directory from the user’s home drive without issue. That allowed users to roam between computers without needing to mess with local directories. Since then I understand LN now supports roaming profiles, but I digress.

  • @Sebastian-Roth I never thought of that. That is highly likely. the log-on asks for name and then a server rout. Thank you!

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    @agray Thinking a bit more about it I can imagine IBM Notes does some stuff to recognize the machine it runs on (e.g. system UUID, MAC address or whatever) and resets all configuration if started on a different machine. This is just a wild guess.

  • @Sebastian-Roth One of them. There are 13 people that will be using that PC. All accounts where set up, including IBM Notes, on the PC before Cloning.

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    @agray Is it the exact same user account you use before and after cloning?

  • @Sebastian-Roth It was more out of curiosity, to my understanding, we my be abandoning the entire project anyway. But a possible answer would ease my curiosity because like you said, fog clones the entire disk.
    FOG version: 1.5.5
    Software: IBM Notes (Basic), not sure the version number.

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    @agray FOG does image the whole disk or at least the full partition. So from my point of view this is nothing done by FOG but needs to have a different cause.

    You might want to share some more information on your system. FOG version, name and version of software.