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  • Hello everybody,

    I installed FOG on Ubuntu Server 16.04 and it’s clients on remote stations geographically communicating through a VPN.

    This VPN has a bandwidth of 2MB and users connect to a Windows session in TSE to work.
    The problem is that since I installed the FOG client on their computers, their TSE session is very slow because FOG consumes all the bandwidth.

    I do not do image deployment, just communication with the server is enough to slow down everything.

    The proof is that when I shut down the FOG server everything returns to normal.

    Is it possible to limit the bandwidth consumption of the FOG server? and if so, how can I do?

    Thank you so much

  • Senior Developer

    We did a remote session. Turned out there was an old fog-client installed on all the machines and for some reason the hosts kept on downloading and trying to install the new fog-client version from the server consuming a lot of traffic on the VPN link. Possibly some security software was preventing the installation though.

  • @Sebastian-Roth
    Sorry for the delay, I had to see with my boss if he was ok with the teamviewer session with you! He is OK 🙂

    Indeed I confirm you that it is 5giga per hour, it’s huge! we simply did a bandwidth monitoring with Webmin, knowing that on this server there is only FOG installed.

    For my remote sites I have not installed any nodes, and on my FOG server I have not configured a storage node because I am just using it to deploy software for now.

    If you want to do a teamviewer session it is with pleasure and I thank you for your help, for my part I live in France so I imagine there will be a time difference but it is not very serious, say me when you are available!

    Thank you so much.

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    @maouu said in Limit Bandwith:

    I do not understand why FOG consumes so much bandwidth on the network when it does nothing.

    I am fairly sure there is something wrong within your setup (or maybe FOG). It shoudn’t use that much traffic!! You said “5go/hours” and I guess you mean 5 giga byte per hour. Is that right? Where do you get those numbers from? Can you give us more information on this? Can you see what kind of traffic that is (HTTP, FTP, mysql)?

    but for my remote sites I can not use it because it consumes too much

    Do you have nodes setup on the remote sites yet? As well have you configured storage nodes in your main FOG server?

    Maybe it’s best if we do a teamviewer session so I can have a closer look at what exactly is causing the traffic in your setup!? Reaching out to you on chat… see the speech bubble in the top right corner.

  • @Sebastian-Roth I’m coming back to you about bandwidth consumption.

    Currently I use just FOG on a local network, not on my remote sites because it poses problems of slowing the network.
    I did a bandwidth monitoring on an hour, on my local network, I have a consumption of 5go/hours just for my FOG server, while I do nothing, I did not deploy anything.

    Locally it does not create too much trouble, but for my remote sites I can not use it because it consumes too much and users who use a TSE session can not work so much it’s slow.

    I do not understand why FOG consumes so much bandwidth on the network when it does nothing.

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    @maouu If this is checked and we release a new client version (within a FOG server update) it will update itself on the clients too. I’d recommend leaving that option set as it will save you a lot of work. If you don’t update the FOG server there will be no automatic client update either. As well we have not updated the fog-client package in the last releases so this is not something that happens very often right now.

  • @Sebastian-Roth

    Whats is CLIENT AUTOUPDATE in FOG client settings ?

    Thanks you

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    @maouu said in Limit Bandwith:

    I used Fusion Inventory too.

    Well I haven’t used Fusion Inventory myself but I would expect that to cause some bandwidth consumption too! Not sure if it does poll the clients regularly but I can imagine it does. See if there is some similar setting in that software as well.

    Currently I have 37 clients installed but in the end I will have more than 70 clients.

    Both numbers are not as high as I had expected. We have users with 1000 and more clients. That would definitely cause some major issue on limited bandwidth.

  • @Sebastian-Roth

    Thanks you !

    Currently I have 37 clients installed but in the end I will have more than 70 clients.
    I use FOG 1.5.5 version.

    I will test your solution and i hope fix the problem !!
    I used Fusion Inventory too.

    Thanks you

  • Senior Developer

    @maouu How many clients do you have (with fog-client software installed)?

    The fog-client checks into the FOG server every now and then to see if there is a task (imaging or snapin) or configuration change on the list. Now the first thing you can do is increase the checkin time of the clients. For that go to your FOG web UI -> FOG configuration -> FOG settings -> section FOG Client -> CLIENT CHECKIN TIME and change that from 60 (default) to lets say 300 (5 minutes) or even more. This way the clients contact the FOG server way less and therefore consume less bandwidth.

    Which FOG version do you run? I have worked on improving the communication. But the changes are in the development version yet. So the next release to come in the future would help a bit as well. But setting the CHECKIN TIME is definitely what you want to play with.

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