• not trying to start a flame war, and I know its a long shot and may not ever happen but, I would like to see FOG run on some different backend / frontend components.

    NGINX instead of Apache

    PostgreSQL instead of MYSQL

    why? mostly just because.

    In my limited experience, NGINX performs alot better than Apache and is dead simple to administer.

    Regarding the database, I’m no DB expert but Postgre has also been quicker for me, although I’m yet to find a tool as good as phpmyadmin for postgreSQL.

    [LEFT]The future of MySQL is also little more unknown ever since the Oracle acquisition of SUN hopefully it never goes the way of OpenOffice.[/LEFT]
    [LEFT]Has anyone experimented with FOG and NGINX or PostgreSQL?[/LEFT]

    [LEFT]anyone have any other thoughts or longer term goals to see out of the FOG backend?[/LEFT]

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  • MariaDB works a little bit faster than mysql and a migration is more painless.
    Never worked with nginx to post any opinion about it.

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  • Does nginx and fog 1.2 still works fine?

  • I know this thread is old, but it’s still the first result when searching for “FOG Nginx,” so I’ll update it. FOG does work on Nginx with a bit of tweaking-- there’s a nice write-up about it here: [url]http://blog.rainveiltech.com/2014/01/15/fog-project-with-nginx-and-php-5-5-7[/url] . As that write-up mentions, FOG won’t work in PostgreSQL (that support would be nice), but at least MySQL and PostgreSQL can be installed side-by-side with no problems.

  • I have fog running on nginx and mysql just fine… the default website “/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default” actually only has to have the root changed from /var/www/html to /var/www and the subdir of fog is enumerated just fine. I also use php5-fpm… works just fine on ubu 12.10 currently…(after the php5 changes for the deprecated function issues found here: [url]http://fogproject.org/forum/threads/cannot-create-tasks-task-manager-blank.3823/#post-9458[/url])

    WOW - how mistaken was I!!! I had existing config for nginx that “worked” to display a bunch of the functions, but for fun I wanted to try another vanilla install into ubu with nginx… every link in the interface is effectively dead using fpm… based on the formation of the query I think, since I can’t surmise how to get the query string into fastcgi proxy as a list rather than index.php …

    Since most of the functions have nothing in the DB for a new install, I found I was able to create objects in the interface but querying was very hit and miss…

    I basically changed apache to bind to a new port and used it to test and there is serious deficiencies in the nginx rendering of the current code… and I can’t fix