• We’re having issues getting FOG to image an HP Z4 G4.
    When first loading FOG, we get “Host is not registered”, even though it is. When attempting registration, we get “host is already registered”.

    We experienced this same issue with HP Elite X2 tablets and discovered that the tablets contain 2 MAC addresses, one when ipxe.efi loads, and another when the rest of FOG (and the standard OS) loads. Adding both MACs solves the issue for the Elite X2. I can’t find a second MAC for the Z4. We were only able to discover the issue with the Elite X2 by checking the ARP table and seeing both MACs listed.

    Using Kernel 4.19.6
    FOG: 1.5.5

  • @Sebastian-Roth We were able to resolve the issue. The machine has 5 NICs. The NIC we were actually using to network boot with was registered with FOG, but for some reason FOG was reading one of the other NICs during start. After registering all 5 MACs, fog worked successfully.

    Re: the HP Elite X2, yes, 2 MACs on one ethernet adapter. Adapter is HP P/N: 829834-001. The second MAC only shows up when network booting - no other time.

  • Senior Developer

    @Eliav What do you mean by two MACs? Like ethernet and wireless LAN? Very strange you see both in ARP. That would mean both are connected. So is it two MACs on one single ethernet adapter?

    For the one you figured it out, can you please schedule a debug deploy task. Boot the host up and run ip a s when you get to the shell. Take a picture and post here.