• I recently discovered FOG and love the idea of it. Since the company i work for is beyond cheap when it comes to IT support. I have to rely heavily on Open Source Software. After a few bumps i have successfully deployed my first image. However upon doing so i ran into another issue.

    I am working with Dell PC’s, specifically Vostro 200’s. When i deployed the image it seems something happened and the dell website can no longer detect the Service Tag #. This is not a critical issue, but I would like to know what i did wrong.

    The Uploaded system was setup and then installed the OS, software, and updates; then ran windows vista sysprep, Out-of-the-box experience /Generalized.

  • I believe the part you need on your image is OMCI, which allows WMI access to Dell BIOS level functions.


  • I tried on all my dells and the website picks up on them but I have the Dell software installed that relates the info from the bios to the machine. you may be missing that small part.

  • I guess this has nothing to do with FOG, could be error in the dell software