MSI GS65 Stealth Thin is not compatible

  • We are trying to image an MSI GS65. We are using FOG version 1.55 with kernel 4.19. The disks are showing as not compatible with FOG. There is two 512 GB with the intel RAID. It does look like other people have gotten to work with FOG. Any assistance in getting this laptop to work is appreciated. We are looking to deploy 40 of these laptops.

  • Moderator

    Are the disks configured in a raid configuration and the firmware is in UEFI mode? If so you are probably out of luck. There is a known condition between Linux, UEFI, Dell computers with the hard disk controller in the “raid-on” mode. Understand this is not a FOG issue (exactly), but a Linux - Intel-Raid driver issue.
    If the disks are not in a raid configuration, then switching the disk controller back to ahci mode will allow you to capture and deploy using FOG.

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