Dell Precision 5530 Compatibility

  • Has anybody here successfully imaged a Dell Precision 5530 with fog? I’ve made an attempt with usb-a and usb-c type adapters. The error is “cannot enable. Maybe the USB cable is bad?”

    I can image Optiplex/XPS/Precision 5510 & 5520s with the same gear. I have a feeling that this is kernel related. That said, I have tested just about all of the available kernels offered through the web gui. Has anybody else experienced this?

    Update: Have tried kernel argument has_usb_nic=1 with a variety of kernel versions.

  • @george1421

    Update on this:

    Plugged in both types of adapters and they each pull different addresses but when waiting for interfaces come back up, Fog gets confused and displays the same error. I was able to find n Amazon-branded (Cable matters) usb3 to ethernet adapter and tried with that. Success.

    I’ve ordered USB-C to Ethernet from the same vendor, I’ll update this as soon as I get that one tested.

    With all of this said, I did build a custom kernel with the original USB-C adapter from Dell and that still didn’t want to work.

  • @Sebastian-Roth Yep, it is.

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    @meatloaf4dayz Firmware (UEFI) is upgraded to the very latest version?

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    @meatloaf4dayz I won’t have my allocation of 3530s (yes I really meant 3530 the core chips should be very similar) until towards the end of Q12019 so we are going to have to try to debug this issue remotely.

    I’m speculating that there is a bit of hardware sitting between the OS and the usb interface that is blocking communications. Do you have an older usb2 to ethernet adapter? The older the better. If you do, lets plug this in as a secondary network adapter with a second network cable into your switch. Schedule a debug capture. It may still complain about not having a network cable attached, but eventually it should drop you to a linux command prompt on the target computer. At the FOS linux prompt key in ip addr show It would be interesting to see the results.