Host Server OS Suggestions

  • I’m looking at moving our FOG install to a new server as part of a software and hardware upgrade. I see the wiki lists the server OSs below but also has directions for CentOS. Is this current information and would anyone recommend one over the other based on experience? I’ve been happy with Ubuntu, but have seen some posts about newer versions being more of a pain.

    • Ubuntu 14 or higher
    • Debian 8 or higher
    • Red Hat 6 or higher
    • Fedora 22 or higher
    • Any version of Arch

  • Thanks for the info. I’ve been leaning towards Cent so I’ll start there with a test migration.

  • Ubuntu, itself, hasn’t been an issue. It’s the liberties the Ubuntu team has decided to take in regards to security. They are certainly valid for taking those liberties with the exception of re-applying those liberties even after configuration has allowed the workaround. That’s about the only main thing I’ve seen with Ubuntu as the OS. And it only seems to be in regards to mysql, otherwise Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, or RHEL are what I would suggest.

    Arch is supported, but with every update available being applied pretty much as soon as they’re released, in a production environment I would not recommend Arch as the base OS. That’s not to say you couldn’t use it, just I would not recommend it.

    If you’re looking for stable and ready long term support then I’d recommend either RHEL, CentOS or Debian (the OS, not the base.)

  • Developer

    @Scott-B said in Host Server OS Suggestions:
    fog will work on any of them, really.
    I recommend Debian or CentOS, whichever you’re most comfortable with.
    I don’t recommend Arch for production. Only crazy people do that.

  • We have everything running on Ubuntu 16.04 without any real issues. Have one storage node running Ubuntu 18 but have not had it running long enough to say if it is a problem.