Stuck at Stopping FOG status reporter

  • I successfully configured FOG on my server yesterday and managed to capture and deploy an image to a blank HDD. Today I wanted to try and deploy a new image to a computer that already had an image on it (not sure if this is possible!). I got an error to do with Kernel Offset disabled end Kernel panic not syncing: . Stupidly I decided to download copies of init.xz and init_32.xz from sourceforge and replace the old ones with these. Since doing that, the entire system behaves very strangely - Whenever trying to capture an image, it completes capturing the System Reserve partition but when moving onto the main partition, gets stuck at Stopping FOG status reporter .About every 2 seconds, an asterisk appears on a new line. I’ve tried a Kernel Update which should replace these files but it still won’t work. I’m pretty new to this and would appreciate some help!

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    @fogger1 The links that are provided are the init’s in the most current state we have. The good thing is now that the init’s are separated from the main elements of FOG, and changes aren’t quite as frequent as the main elements, the init’s being provided should work with any 1.5.x version of FOG and even the 1.6 as the backend “functional” pieces aren’t being modified at the same scale between the two versions. So they’re not provided for 1.5.4, they’re whatever the most current version is. The init’s are not labelled in the same fashion as our normal releases which is why it’s important for the distinction here. The init’s in the links are what are provided for 1.5.5 and (which is the most current dev-branch version).

  • Yeah I’ve realised now! When I work on it, I’ll use the links provided which I assume are v1.5.4.

    Thanks for helping

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    @fogger1 said in Stuck at Stopping FOG status reporter:

    Stupidly I decided to download copies of init.xz and init_32.xz from sourceforge


    Get the latest inits here: 32 bit and 64 bit.

    But keep in mind that inits do match certain kernels - not an exact version but if you have the latest inits and year old kernels it will fail for sure.

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    What version of fog. Most likely, as we stopped using sourceforge after 1.4, you have very old versions of the inits.

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