FOG + Linux Deployment Solution

  • As part of my job as a system integrator, I have come to rely on FOG a lot, not as much as actually using it to deploy images as far as I recommend my customers to go this way with their Image Deployment solutions. In this scenario I have to Install Linux, configure it, then drop FOG, configure it… I could image a solution and pack it with me, but I was thinking if It would be difficult to just have a Linux + FOG deployment I could either run from a CD, Thumbdrive or just install it on a machine that is going to be my defacto FOG Server.

    So I have a question (or a suggestion)… You know how FreeNAS is basically its own distribution of Linux, for NAS purposes. I have been wondering if there is something I could do with FOG + Linux that could work the same way. Instead of everytime I want to set up a new FOG environment, wouldn’t it be easier (less complicated) to have an install that sets up Linux + Fog to do just that imaging, with non of the other junk that comes with the OS. Just the few featured tools you need, like a browser, mysql and fog (etc). Is there a distro like this or would this be something difficult to do, or how would it be the best way to do it. I am up for encapsulating fog on its own distro for those of us the roll it out on occation.

    What do you guys think?

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    yeah a Turnkey Linux appliance sounds like what you are asking, would be cool to have and help spread FOG

  • Sounds good except would mean more time in development for an already small (and most likely short on time) development team

    Alternatively, something like using Turnkey Linux would be a good solution, a prebuilt Ubuntu VM which can be installed from ISO.

    so who is going to make a Turnkey Patch for FOG?