Fogproject can only clone C disk

  • I want to clone c deployment and only deploy c


  • @Sebastian-Roth Sorry, what I want to say is that the captured image should be installed on other user machines in bulk, but other disk characters other than C disk cannot be erased.

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    @china-boy Can you please post a picture of disk management from the target PC before you deploy to it?

    @george1421 I have read through the whole thread over and over and just had a glimps of an idea on what he’s actually trying to do. Not exactly sure but to me it sounds as if he has target PC with two or three partitions on them already. Now he’s prepared a fresh windows installation in a VM and wants to to capture and deploy only the windows C: partition of the VM out to the physical machines. Does that make sense?

  • @george1421
    I do this, but fog will format the entire disk of the target machine into a partition during deployment
    The previous partition was overwritten, so that the data previously held by the user in the D E character is gone

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    @china-boy You need to look at the control panel applet “computer management” (sorry I’m not typing on a windows computer, the name may be incorrect) but in that application is the disk management. You need to find out what partition is the C: drive. I don’t think its partition 1. Partition 1 is typically a boot loader partition. Then setup up your image as single disk, single partition. Then capture your image.

  • @george1421
    So how do I set up a partition that only clones the corresponding partition? I just want to clone the C disk

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    @china-boy That will work if:

    1. You have the same partition (probably #3) for the c: drive on all computers.
    2. The partition size for the C: drive is exactly the same on all computers.
    3. You will probably need to pick single disk non-resizable because you don’t want FOG to reszie your C: drive partition.

    I can say I have not tested your configuration so I can’t say if it will work or not. It “should” work as long as all of the computers have the C: drive in the same partition and the partition size is exactly the same on all computers. I know there are some people who have a dual boot computer (windows and linux each in their own partition) where they can restore partitions without disturbing the other OS. So your idea should work too.

  • @george1421 said in Fogproject can only clone C disk:

    。使用partclone gz

    I’m sorry.In fact, my idea is to deploy only C disk clones for the target machine without formatting or repartitioning

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    @china-boy The problem I can see is that “windows” is actually built on multiple partitions. If you look at the computer manager you will see there are at least 3 partitions that make up a bootable computer. If you only copy partition 1 then the computer will not boot.

    I don’t know if FOG has the capabilities to clone partitions 1, 2, 3 and skip the rest to make a bootable computer. I don’t have a FOG console handy at the moment to check.

    Also on the side, the image manager splitting the captured image into 200MB chunks add no value here. Use either partclone gzip or zstd compression.

  • @george1421 Hello!
    The target machine is on the same physical disk as the cloned machine C and D. My final idea is to reinstall the system without formatting user D, E, F disc and so on

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    @china-boy said in Fogproject can only clone C disk:

    So I just want to deploy to the target machine C disk what do I do?

    This is the idea Sebastian and I were discussing. Can you tell me if the C: drive and D: drives are on the same physical disk or on different physical disks? If you do not know, can you post a screen shot of the disk manager from Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Computer Manager->Disk Manager? That will tell us how your logical drives (C: D:) are allocated to physical drive(s)

  • @china-boy

    That’s what I’m setting up now


  • @george1421 said in Fogproject can only clone C disk:


    So I just want to deploy to the target machine C disk what do I do?

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    @Sebastian-Roth True, I was “assuming” they were two different physical disk. If they are logical partitions on the same physical disk, then my instructions are wrong.

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    @george1421 Well this depends on where C: and D: are actually located. If they are two partitions on the very same disk we need to play with the Partition setting in the image definition instead. If it’s two separate disks you are spot on.

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    Yes you can do that. If you want to copy only C: drive, you must configure the image definition, image type to be single disk resizable. Also set Partitions to be Everything. You can / should only set these settings before you capture the image. Changing these values after the image has been captured will cause unexpected results.

    Now that the image definition is configured for single disk resizeable, go to the host definition. Set the Host Primary Disk to the disk you want to capture. If you want to capture the D: drive you would set the Host Primary Disk to /dev/sdb if you want to capture the C: drive then you would set Host Primary Disk /dev/sda or leave this field blank. Understand that /dev/sdX is for sata attached disk drives. If you use an NVMe for your C: drive you will need to change the format that matches the nvme disk name.