UNSOLVED Partclone Error when imagiging Multi Booted Laptop

  • Hi All

    I am having an issue with when trying to capture my windows 10 laptop

    I keep getting the error below when the capturing/imaging progress reaches

    Partclone fail, please check /var/log/partclone.log

    I tried searching for the partclone.log file which I cannot find in the directory above.

    From further research, it seems this error results in having a multi-booted machine, in this case, the laptop I am capturing has both Windows and Ubuntu(Dualboot) and issuing the error mentioned.

    Is there a way to only capture the Windows Partition and not bump into any issues?

  • Senior Developer

    @Les We need more information to be able to help. The partclone.log file only exists on the client. So you might schedule another capture task but tick the checkbox for debug task this time. Start the client and when you get to the shell start the capture via command fog and step through till you hit the error. Make sure you keep your eyes open for errors just before the “Partclone failed” message! Now after the error happens you should be send back to the shell. See if you can get the error message from the log file.

    As well you might post more information about your FOG version, the image settings (resizable or not, partclone/partimage, OS type). Plus you should find the partition tables captured in a folder /images/dev/XXX (XXX should be the MAC address of your client) on your FOG server. Run cat /images/dev/XXX/d1.partitions /images/dev/XXX/d1.minimal.partitions and post output here.