Spk Packet for synology

  • Hi, as far i know there are severals info about howto build spk packet to install into DSM from Synology, couldn’t be a great piece of software?
    dhcp is already in, tftpd too, web service too
    Any plane for future build?
    Many thanks

  • @george1421
    Thanks for the answer, do you know you can install DSM over VM or into no synology hardware?
    check xpenology

  • Moderator

    AFAIK there are no plans to port FOG to Synology DSM. The current code base is reliant on the linux OS. In theory FOG should run under BSD and DSM, but it will take some fiddling. A few years ago I started down this path to install FOG on DSM and I did have a (kind of) working proof of concept. I found that the processors in the Diskstation I was using at the time wasn’t very powerful and caused some slowness issue.

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