host not able to stay deleted.

  • HI. I have been trying to keep all the hosts in the list deleted. I delete them but after a while they come back or some come in that have been imaged this last summer … Is there a switch I can use so there are not so many in the host list. Thanks in advance

  • Thank you for clarifying this. I strictly use fog for imaging and joining multiple lab computers to the domain. Kudos to all that make this possible.

    Thanks James…

  • @jpaul I don’t know what to tell you other than what people in this thread have already said. The fog client is designed to report into the fog server. When you delete a host in FOG - it is completely and totally removed from the fog database, fog no longer has any knowledge of it (no soft delete). So when the fog client (that is still out there running, exactly as it is supposed to) checks into the fog server, the fog server treats it as a pending host (exactly as it’s designed to do). So again, I’ll tell you that what you’re calling a problem is not a problem, but is actually a feature and expected behavior. You shouldn’t be deleting these hosts anyway, you should be accepting them. FOG does way, way more than just imaging - and all of that other stuff requires accepted hosts - registered with the fog server.

  • When we deploy an image in fog sometimes we have them auto join the domain. That part works. When I said a seperate issue with dns I meant we were having an issue outside of the fog senerio. This was a windows 10 machine that has fog service put we were dealing with our own network problems as a whole with dns not dns associated with fog. My initial problem is with host staying in the host list. I think it is because each machine has fog service running on them. older fog versions didn’t matter … I was able to delete the hosts and they would stay deleted.

  • @jpaul said in host not able to stay deleted.:

    We had a dns issue with one of our machines yesterday and I made sure it was out of the host list.

    Fog does not affect DNS.

    Does the fog service have to be stopped to solve these issues with the host list?

    What your calling an issue is actually a feature. The FOG Client is designed to report into it’s FOG Server.

    If you have a domain configured in the FOG Server, and several of your hosts are set to use this domain, then the FOG Client is going to try to use those domain settings. But if you’ve set none of that in FOG, then the FOG Client is not interfering with your domain joining.

  • Sorry about the question … “Little vague”. I am running fog version 1.5.4. client version is 0.11.16. the Problem is I used to be able to delete the host’s out of the list of hosts after they have been imaged as a new machine on the old version of fog.-. Once deleted they stay deleted. Now it looks like once these machines are used in the district and get logged into our network they reappear in the host list. It is not that big of deal but it gets really long after going through a hundred or so host when doing individual imaging… and finding the host your want to deploy an image to… Most of these host are windows 10 machines.

    I also have a second question. We had a dns issue with one of our machines yesterday and I made sure it was out of the host list. We tried to join it to a domain and it failed but it reappeared in the host list. Maybe this question is related to the first but thought I would ask. Does the fog service have to be stopped to solve these issues with the host list?

    Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks James

  • @jpaul Don’t delete the hosts, accept them.

  • I’m not sure I understand the question here.

    You keep deleting a host, but it magically keeps reappearing? Is it possible the hosts have the FOG Client running on them and are just being added as pending hosts? What version of FOG are you running? If you’re using the FOG Client what version of it are you running? Are your client machines running Windows 10? If so, are they set to randomly generate mac addresses for the machines? Are you meaning the machines keep populating to Pending Hosts?

    I know there’s a lot of questions but there’s a lot of unknowns happening here.