• Hey guys!

    FOG 1.5.5. is running great, imaging works flawlessly, snapins as well. only thing i don’t get is where to find my power management schedule.

    If I create a cron-type schedule for, say, WOL an weekdays at 7am, it sure does work and boots the machines at 7am - but if i want to edit or delete this schedule it is nowhere to be found.
    Under Tasks–>scheduled tasks there is no entry.
    Under Power Management for Groups or hosts there is nothing as well.
    In screenshots of older versions (at least older UI) of fog I can see there are all jobs listed in the cron-scheduler, but this is not the case on my server.
    Is there a way to view all scheduled cron tasks?

    Thanks for any help!

  • Moderator

    @emryz @ragnurenson From my point of view it’s all working fine. See the screenshot below. You are right that the power management task is not in the scheduledTasks table. I was on the wrong track with that when I had a brief look at this last time. As mentioned by @emryz the power management tasks show up in the same view where you schedule those for the host. See my screenshot below.

    @emryz I can imagine that some kind of AdBlock add-on in the browser could make this view disappear. We had a very strange case where one single text field was missing just because of an AdBlock add-on. Please disable these and see if it works for you.

    Note: I corrected my other post so when people come along and find this, they don’t get confused.


  • Hi @emryz and @Sebastian-Roth .

    I have the same problem with another FOG 1.5.5. The power management task programed with cron, don’t show somewhere, but they are performed.

    I have been seeking at database, and I found them at the powerManagement table, but not at the scheduledTask. I think that is a bug.

    Hope you can see what is happen. Thx.

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    @emryz Sorry for the late reply! You should see those in the power management view of the host: web UI -> Hosts -> select one host -> Power Management tab -> scroll down. Maybe check if they are still stored in the database. From the FOG server command line run:

    shell> mysql -u root -p
    mysql> use fog;
    mysql> SELECT * FROM powerManagement;

    See if that yields any results.

    Edit: Corrected my post to not confuse anyone. Got this wrong the first time I looked into it.