SOLVED I will pay for help, i have FOG running on Win Server 2012 R2 and lost my admin login

  • Hello all, I have very simple needs with FOG. I am using it to copy a master image of a Windows 10 Professional PC to identical physical copies of the same PC. Although I have a 48 port switch available to me, the images take maybe 6 minutes to copy, so it is more work to do multiple copies at once than just doing one at a time due to having to set up each PXE boot and then moving the mouse, keyboard, and screen to the next target PC and PXE booting again. In any case I know almost nothing about Win 2012 Server R2 or Linux. I was using the FOG system that was set up by a now former employee. The short version of the story is that he got fired for sabotage, and now I have a fog sever that i can not log into or use.

    Any of the stored images are garbage and have zero value, so that is not an issue. Any data or configuration in the existing FOG is of no value and can be deleted at our whim.

    Once I started using FOG, I found it to be an excellent way to image machines, and by whatever mechanism all the target PCs authenticated their own Windows 10 Professional licenses with microsoft’s built-in checks, due to somehow having those machines with their product key in their BIOS. I do not think FOG had to do with it but i did not have to regenerate product keys and type in 25 letter from a license sticker and so on.

    My fall back position is to use a USB3.0 external copy dock but in that case I need to remove the target hard drives from the target PCs, copy them in a dock, and put back into their original PC, but now that i own a Windows 2012 R2 server with valid license, and all the money was spent, it would be silly not to use FOG. I am sure i can do some other stuff with the server, but as for what, i have no idea. I will probably just sell them, unless i need for FOG. By the way, can FOG be installed on a Win 10 Pro PC with 2.4GHz dual core CPU and 4GB of RAM just to copy one image at a time? Just asking 😉

    If anyone here wants to help, I can pay you for your assistance. You won’t get rich but certainly you can earn some loot while helping me out.

    I have a fully-paid-up license to Teamveiwer 12 running on the server. So I can give you the link to direct download Teamviewer v12 and i can give you a name and password that will let you login into the Windows 2012 R2 server and be in the main admin account. I have the admin account unlocked (took 2 minutes and a youtube search). So the option is to set up a FOG server in a linux virtual machine from scratch and we can literally throw out any other FOG installation, or maybe you know how to reset the way to login to my existing FOG install.

    I have attached some pictures that might shed some light on the situation.

    Thanks in advance and best regards from Craig… Any suggestions? If I can get into my existing FOG server’s web interface i can probably start imaging drives. But I definitely need help. What is probably easy for many of you is a research project for me and i just don’t have the time, so better to get help from an expert than to muck around on my own.

    Thanks again 🙂

    1_1543168603086_FOG_virtual_HD_.jpg 0_1543168603086_FOG_LOGIN_thumb.jpg

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    Got him fixed up after a long session through teamviewer. Password reset, DHCP setup, FOG server IP change, switch configuration and all the rest…

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    Did you by chance setup/use the linux user account called fog for any reason? This is a service account used by fog. The installer will create/take over this linux user account. Understand this is not the webui account by the same name of fog.

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    @NeedHelpWithFOG I am pretty sure we can help you. It’s not much a big deal to reset passwords as you seem to have full access to the machine itself.

    Here is a real easy step by step guide to reset the root password for your CentOS system (running as a virtual machine on your Windows Server): (I am not liable to any damage or legal issues - don’t worry, I know this works but want to make sure you do this in your own responsibility)

    Probably best to do the rest in a chat and remote session, see the speech bubble in the right upper corner.

    PS: Donations to the FOG project would be appreciated. 🙂