SOLVED Oops, wrong 1.5.5 update order...

  • Hi 🙂

    I updated my Fog Server and all my storage nodes, and when I read again the news about the release, I saw that :

    Please make sure you stop replication on the master first systemctl stop FOGImageReplicator; systemctl stop FOGSnapinReplicator, then update the storage node(s) and then update master node as a last step.

    Oops, and then update master node as a last step ? Obviously, now, I have a problem with the replication between my server and the nodes, which saturates the bandwidth between servers.

    I understood that hashing code needed to be changed, but where/how can I patch that now ?

    Many thanks,


  • Senior Developer

    Marking as solved. @JiC Please let us know if you see it replicating the same image files over and over - definitely shouldn’t.

  • Of course, I updated all nodes before reading the news 🙂 This will learn me (maybe…) to read all the instructions before doing something.

    Don’t apologize, Fog saves my life everyday : so, thank you again for this fantastic software, and thank you for the very fast help.


  • Senior Developer

    @JiC As soon as you have updated all nodes there is nothing much you can do anymore. The replication algorithms found your images on the storages to not match (different checksum), deleted those and it’s re-syncing the image files now if all servers are on 1.5.5. Will be fine then.

    Sorry for that!