SOLVED Unable to locate FOG_WOL_Host

  • I’m a complete FOG beginner so bear with me. I am following a video guide from an earlier release of FOG that requires the changing of FOG_WOL_Host to a different ip. In this video it is found under the “general settings” of FOG but it appears now that FOG has updated and I can’t seem to find it.

    Can anyone help me out finding it? Or does it even matter?

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    @Cameron-w A couple of things that come to mind skipping through that video:

    • FOG 1.2.0 is very old. Make sure you install the most current version which is 1.5.5 as of writing. From you question it seems like you already have - just wanted to stress this point.
    • (K)Ubuntu 14.04 is dated as well. I would advise you to use a more recent one as well.
    • Changing the FOG server’s IP address is more an advanced thing and not something I would advise new users to do! Better make sure you can have a setup with internet access and static IP address right from the start. Saves you some headaches. If you really want to do an IP change use Wayne’s script found here. This way you don’t have to worry about FOG_WOL_HOST and the others this guy is changing. Just go with a static address for your first lessons and you can completely skip that changing part of the video (20:00 to 31:00).

    The rest of the video seems ok, although talking about an old FOG version. Have fun.

  • @Sebastian-Roth Sure, im just following this video for the assignment im doing. He changes it at 23:21. Also, at 23:58 he changes another field that doesnt appear to be there anymore. Should I just not worry about them?

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    @Cameron-w Changing that setting should not be required in most setups. Can you please post the video link?