UNSOLVED If I want to backup images alone, what do I need?

  • More specifically, the current resources at my disposal put me at some storage limitations. Now I would have no issue setting up FoG from scratch but the images, those are definitely needed. As such, I would like to back them up. Would this be as simple as copying from the /images directory? Does the MySQL database do anything with the images that would affect their integrity or ability to be identified (by human or computer)?


  • Moderator

    A fog “image” consists of 2 parts.

    1. The raw image files stored in /images
    2. The metadata stored in the mysql database.

    You can copy all of the raw image files simply by the copy command. The metadata can easily be exported from the webgui into a csv file. With the raw data and metadata you can rebuid the images on a new fog server or whatever. If you don’t have the metadata but the raw image files you could rebuild the metadata if you are careful on how you name your images and are a good guesser for the rest. Point being, backup the image metadata with the raw data files and you will be good.