• Hi Guys,

    I’ve set up a fog server and have been imaging PC’s successfully - I just have a quick question.
    When we deploy a new PC - PXE boot it and Inventory it, during the inventory menu we deploy an image to it - it then reboots and we have to press F12 again to get it to image, which is fine. I’m just wondering for automation purposes, is there any way to get FOG to force a PXE boot after the reboot on the pc?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Senior Developer

    @Horus As far as I know there is no general way to manipulate BIOS boot order. Some manufacturers provide tools for that but they are specific for that hardware and can’t be used on different ones.

    You might just set the PCs to always PXE boot - we suggest to do this anyway. In case there is a task scheduled for a PC it will boot into the task. Otherwise it chainloads to boot from the local hard drive. Usually works for most systems.