List of all computers imaged using fog

  • Does the DB store a history of all machines imaged? Even after the hosts are deleted from the web interface? If so, how can I get this?

  • Moderator

    Short answer: Maybe

    Longer answer:
    I don’t have the ability to confirm at the moment. But I can tell you that fog does record imaging registered hosts in a mysql table called imaginglog. The part I’m not sure of is if the log only uses an image id to refer to the host being imaged (logical link to the host table) or it saves the actual host name into this table.

    The other thing I would have to check is if a host is deleted, is it a soft delete (only marking the host deleted) or does it remove the record. If its a soft delete it would then be possible to create a mysql query to report imaging even if the host record was not visible in the webgui.

    The issue is if the host records are removed from the host table and the imaging log only references the host id field, there is no way to tell when a host was imaged since the pointer to the host table would not link to a valid host (since it was removed from the database)