• Hi.
    I am trying to find out how FOG can be offered to customers as part of a commercial product.
    I understand that the GPLv3 gives anyone the opportunity to sell open
    sourced sw under this licence, but I’m a little confused about the terms of ‘Disclose Source’.
    Let’s assume that my company has a commercial application and it doesn’t use FOG source code at all. We simply want to offer a FOG as a service (part of the product) to deploy Windows images and automatically install our commercial program.
    So, FOG will not be a part of commercial application, but rather a part of a product. GPLv3 says that the source code must be made available when the software is distributed, but does it really apply to the scenario I have presented?
    Is there anyone who could shed some light on my case?
    Thank you

  • Senior Developer

    @AndrewG78 while it is true that you can incorporate our product with yours, the only request (and I believe it is covered in the GPL as well) is that you credit our software and links to our software as being included.

    This way people know for things related to FOG directly know to come to us for support needs.

  • Thank You @Wayne-Workman . We can close this topic.
    I have also found this link explaining how to incorporate GPL-covered software in the proprietary system.
    Maybe someone will find it useful

  • @AndrewG78 said in legal issue:

    I’m a little confused about the terms of ‘Disclose Source’.

    You are only required to share the source code if you make a change to the source code and then distribute software containing that change. So if you’re not changing source code, you’re fine. If you did change the source code to fix something or make something work, you could do a pull request on github, or at the very least you can post your changes here in the forums. Configuration, settings, and input fields are not source code. Those things are intended for you to change & use as you need and you don’t need to share them, unless you really want to.