Getting inventory from all PC.

  • Hello, Is there any way of getting an inventory of the hardware of the pc, but whitout going from pc to pc booting from one at the time?.
    The idea is to make al PC in the net to auto send the inventory to the server, doing all of this from the server.

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    @FrancoDin said in Getting inventory from all PC.:

    Ok, I was thinking maybe some thing about the dchp, when the PC are on. I guess there is no way.

    What exactly do you mean by that?

    If you can grab all the MAC addresses from your DHCP server then you could compile a list of hosts to import to your FOG server or just run a wake on lan utility to wake those PCs for you. You still need to do the modifications @Taspharel suggested to have the clients go straight into quick register. After that you could do another round for hardware inventory…

    So I guess it is possible but needs some work to be done by you. We don’t have a ready set solution for you I am afraid.

  • @Sebastian-Roth

    Ok, I was thinking maybe some thing about the dchp, when the PC are on. I guess there is no way.
    Thanks anyway.

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    @FrancoDin If you know the client’s MAC addresses you can simply add them via the web interface and then go ahead with inventory task.

    If you don’t have any information about those clients, how do you expect things to be done automatically. Sure @Taspharel suggestion might lead you a doable way but then you still need to run around and switch them on by hand. You can’t wake all them without knowing their MACs…

  • Hej.

    Just thought about this a little.

    The Quickregistration can have its values set. So you would have the values auto-added once Quickregistration is selected.

    In order to Quickregister automatically you would have to set Quick Registration as the default menu item that is selected when the FOG Menu Times out. Also you would have to set the Quick Registration Option in the iPXE Menu to only show on unregistered hosts.

    In order to auto-login to the fog menu you would probably have to follow the guide that was posted recently, allowing for you to save the password and username when a host boots from network. You should be able to find that on the forums somewhere, dont have the link handy. (it might be here:

    But: All Computers would have to be set to automatically boot from the network first, so possibly (if not already set up) you would have to go to every single computer nontheless to change the BIOS Settings.

    The order then would be:

    • Computer starts
    • Computer autoboots to Network
    • Login is automated
    • The ipxemenu shortly displays and times out
    • The Default Item from the ipxe menu is selected and executed
    • Quickregistration auto fills the fields and inventories the computer
    • The computer reboots
    • On next reboot the computer is no longer unregistered and thus the Quick-Registration on the ipxe Menu wouldnt show … not sure how FOG handles this and if there is kind of a hierarchy to the “default items”, but i suppose it would then just sit at the menu until you enter something?

    This is not tested, just me thinking through the options I found in the FOG settings.

  • But I will need to add all the PC to host manually, then add them to the group, Is faster if I manually check the inventory (whit fog).

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    @FrancoDin Just go to the FOG web interface, create a new group, add all your hosts to that group, then edit that group -> Basic Tasks -> Advanced -> Hardware Inventory and schedule as a task. Not sure if it is wise to do this with ALL your hosts at the same time. Depends on how many hosts you have. You might want to split into a couple of groups.

    This task will wake up your clients and let them do the inventory without intervention if wake on lan is properly working.

    The clients will reboot after the inventory. If you’d like them to shutdown afterwards you need to adjust some parameters before scheduling the task. Take a look here: (I know this talks about registration but the answers are also good for shutdown after hardware inventory tasking)