Snapin Creation says I need a snapin Name when one is present

  • I might have brought this error on myself.

    I migrated my old Fog Server over to a new fog server located on my ESXI server.

    I am trying to create an MSI + MST snapin.
    After filling all the fields, and it starts to upload and create the snapin, i get an error Snapin Name Required.
    Obviously I have filled in the Snapin Name.

    For Migration I followed the following guide:

    I only had 2 snapin’s created before and now they appear, but it wont let me add anymore.
    All I have is “Snapin Failed, a Snapin Name is Required”

    I dont know if this is a result of the migration of a 1.5.4 server to a 1.5.4 server?
    Anyhow any thing you need from me to help fix this let me know.
    Also would not mind helping with the open source project.

  • Developer

    @cwells-stpaulsgb Nevermind I will still add those advanced checks so we get better user error messages in the future.

    You are more than welcome to join the team and help out with whatever you are good at, be it wiki or client development or … Just give is a shout.

  • I decided, to not worry about migration and just wipe out the sever and install from scratch.
    I found my snapins were not present from before the migration and I already re-purposed that machine for a staff member.
    And I needed to document how I setup my images. How to get snapins to work. Naming conventions. Hardware Inventory.

    And use this update and contribute to Fog Wiki. I also wanted to write code for the FOG Client - Windows so it can detect and complete hardware info for Windows Registered devices.

  • @Sebastian-Roth OK, currently busy with one of my supervisors today, but i will check it out asap.

  • Developer

    @cwells-stpaulsgb Please take a look at the apache and php-fpm error logs when this is happening. I suppose you should see an error there. Find the right paths for those logs in my signature below this post.

    I am working on adding more checks to the code to better detect those kind of HTTP errors which all result in “A snapin name is required” error at the moment.

  • Developer

    @cwells-stpaulsgb I have got this on my list to look into and fix but have not had the time to yet. Are you good with browser development tools? Might want to start looking into it if you are keen.

  • I just tried this, My setting are correct.
    Is there a way to track the error better?

  • I’ve had this error appear as well. The error doesn’t make sense but for me it had to do with the size of the file I was uploading. When I installed fog initially maximum file size for file upload was set very low. Following this thread helped me resolve the same issue you are seeing. Basically you have to increase the file upload limit. I set mine to 3000mb.

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